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Ultra 250E/600E Electric Unit User Manual
Table of Contents: You should be familiar with the information in this manual before you operate your equipment. This manual is structured so that it can be used for your reference. All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the information available at the time of production. THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc. reserves the right to make changes at any time.


Operating Instructions

Start Up

  1. Connect a garden hose to the inlet water fitting located on the right-hand side of the machine.
  2. Connect the steam hose to the outlet fitting by threading the swivel connection to the hose. Do not over tighten, this will damage the O-rings in the fitting.
  3. Connect the wand to the steam hose with the same action as the steam hose.
  4. Make sure all connections are not leaking by running water through the system. Read the incoming temperature on the Temperature Gauge.  Cold water to 140 degrees F is acceptable. DO NOT USE WATER THAT IS HOTTER THAN 140 DEGREES F. This will damage your pump and void your warranty.
  5. Turn the water "OFF" and connect the power plug to a grounded 3 phase outlet: 220 volt-3 phase-60 amp grounded electrical service or 440 volt-3 phase-30 amp grounded electrical service. Any other voltages must be discussed with the factory. For example, if your building has 208 volts, then the machine must be wired for that voltage. It is important that the true voltage in your building is determined.
  6. Turn the red line on the temperature gauge down below the black line.  This will keep the heater from coming "ON".
  7. Turn the water "ON" to the unit. Turn the pump switch "ON". Look at the temperature gauge (combistat) to determine the incoming water temperature. DO NOT EXCEED 140 DEGRESS F. If your water is too hot, then mix it with some cold water or turn down your water heater.
    At this point refer to the setup directions in the manual if you purchased the Ultra 600E. If you have the Ultra 250E continue to step 8.
  8. Let the pump run for a minute or two to purge the air out of the system. Do not have a nozzle on the end of the wand at this time.  If the water stops flowing after you turn the pump "ON" then you have to switch any two wires in the plug to change the motor direction. Correct this before going to step 9.
  9. After the pump has purged the air out, close the trigger gun and place a nozzle on the end of the wand.
  10. Open the trigger gun and turn the temperature dial to the right. Turn the red line past the desired operating temperature. This red line is a high limit cut-off switch, if the temperature (black line) hits this line (red), then the heater shuts off.
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Ultra 250E Installation

When you install the power plug onto the power cord, the wires can be attached several different ways. You need to see if you have the plug wired correctly for the machine.
  1. Turn the garden hose water "ON". You will see the water come out of the wand end after a minute or two.
  2. Turn the pump "ON" if the water stops, this is an indicator that the plug is not wired correctly.  Turn the pump switch "OFF" and unplug the unit.  Switch any two wires in the plug and try again.
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Ultra 600E Installation

The Ultra 600E is manufactured with a pump, 3 phase motor and bearing system.  Due to the fact that the 3 phase wiring can be installed many ways, it is important, that the wiring from the plug be wired the same as the motor.  There are two ways to do this. The FIRST: Obtain a Motor Rotation Test Meter-Ideal #61-521 from Ideal Industries, Inc. Sycamore, II. 800-435-0705. This is only an example of a test meter that will work.  There are other meters that will also do the same function. Directions for use on the Ideal Model:
  1. Using the 3 phase tester half of rotation test meter, connect the RED-YELLOW-BLUE leads on the meter to the 240VAC 3 Phase power source.
  2. Observe rotation lamps on meter.  Is the clockwise rotation lamp lit?
    If YES, go to step 4. Otherwise go to step 3.
  3. Switch two of the three test meter lead connections on power source.  Then go back to step 2.
  4. Connect RED-WHITE-BLACK leads in the Ultra 600E power cord to the corresponding power source terminals identified by the RED-YELLOW-BLUE leads on the test meter.  Match RED to RED, WHITE to YELLOW, BLACK to BLUE.
The SECOND way to test:

If you are not sure that you still have the power connected correctly, then with the help of a certified electrician, open up the top panel with a 1/4" nut driver or wrench.  MAKE SURE THE UNIT IS NOT PLUGGED IN.  With an 3/16" Allen wrench remove the 4 pump bolts from the motor.  (The pump is blue and is attached to the end of the motor.)  With the pump free from the motor, you can now observe the motor rotation as designated on the motor.  If it spins the wrong direction when plugged in, then change any two wires on the power cord plug until you observe the correct rotation.  Note:  If this is not done correctly, and you spin the motor with the bearing and pump attached, you will bend the motor shaft and damage the bearing  After you have the right rotation, reinstall the pump to the motor and the top panel.  Make sure all outlets are wired exactly the same as the original working outlet before using.

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Shut Down

  1. Turn the RED Line DOWN below the BLACK Line on the Temperature Gauge (combistat). You will hear a "Click" when the heater goes "OFF".
  2. Let the pump continue to run until the temperature reads 100°F or less. This will assure that the water coming out of the hoses will be cool when you put the unit away.
  3. Turn the Pump switch Off.
  4. Turn off the water, disconnect the electricity and water hose
  5. Wrap the power cord onto the power cord holder.
  6. Wrap the steam hose onto the steam hose holder.
  7. Store the machine where it can not freeze. If you plan on storing the machine for long periods, you can drain the heater by unscrewing the plug cap and tilting the unit back on the handle to force the water out of the system. Hard water will cause scale to build up on the heater, so it is best to remove the water from the system if it is not going to be used for a while.
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Pump & Motor Maintenance

Ultra 250E Pump:

The Ultra 250 pump is a rotary-vane pump with a built-in pressure relief valve and a by-pass system. This pump does not require lubrication.

Ultra 600E Pump:

The Ultra 600 pump is lubricated at the factory between the motor and the pump. The motor bearing and plunger are protected from wear by this lubrication. Yearly inspection is recommended. This pump can be damaged by excessive heat, i.e. too hot water, leaving the machine in by-pass too long, which can damage the seals. When these seals become damaged to the point of severely damaging a pump, then the water may enter into the pump cavity, bearing, and sometimes the motor windings, At this point, the motor and the bearing may need to be replaced. This pump can be rebuilt on location with a pump kit(g) and Instructional video.

Both Pumps:

Protect your pump and seals by using the correct water temperature, and not using chemicals in the machine that are harmful. Do not attempt to mix dry powder chemicals in solution feed, Do not use chemicals greater than 9 PH or less than 6 PH. The pump housing can pit when chemicals are used. Flush with clean water
after using. Do not run the pump dry or freeze the pump. If your pump pressure starts to drop, inspect your pump. Repair as necessary.

Ultra 250E Motor:

This motor is equipped with an automatic reset thermal protector to guard against overheating and will reset without warning when it cools sufficiently. Turn "off" all power at this point. Re-lubricate with 30 drops of SAEPO motor oil. DO NOT OVER OIL. For continuous duty-oil yearly. For Intermittent duty-oil eve two years. For occasional duty-oil every five years.

Ultra 600E Motor:

This motor is equipped with an automatic reset thermal protector to guard against overheating and will reset without warning when it cools sufficiently. Turn off all power at this point for protection.

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Heater Maintenance

Before Energizing:

These directions are recommended by the heater manufacturer:

The insulation material used in electrical heaters may absorb moisture during shipping, while in storage, or when subjected to a humid environment. Because the moisture can lead to eventual failure of the heater, it is recommended that the heater be subjected to a high potential test and/or checked with a megohmeter before energizing. A test voltage of 1000 coils plus twice the rated voltage should be used for the hi-pot test. (ex.; heater voltage equals 240 volt, test voltage =1000V + (2 x 480V) = 1960V). A reading of 50 megohms or greater can be considered acceptable if checking insulation resistance.

If moisture conditions exists, energize the heater for 15 minutes at half-voltage and repeat the test. Heating cycles may be repeated until satisfactory test results are obtained.


The drain (on the handle side of the machine) can be opened to allow the water to drain out of the heater vessel. If prolonged storage times exist, then energizing test maybe needed. DO NOT ALLOW water to freeze in the machine or vessel.

The Heating Element:

This element is made of copper. Do not use anything in the vessel that will react with this. Hard minerals will use damage over time to the element causing it to retain too much heat.

The Vessel:

If explosive vapors or dust conditions exist, then an explosion resistance housing must be provided.

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Preventive Maintenance

  1. Periodically inspect and clean the water inlet screen located just after your garden hose connection. The Ultra 600E model has a water inlet filter, the Ultra 250E has a water screen inside the garden hose fitting. Particles in the water can be abrasive and damage your pump.
  2. Periodically inspect the nozzles to make sure they are not clogged. Restricted water flow or a broken spray pattern is an indication of an obstruction in the nozzle.
  3. Descaling- Hardness or mineral content in water along with the steam temperatures will eventually create a mating or build-up of scale in the heater and water system. Excessive scale will shorten the heater life and interfere with temperature controls. We suggest you descale your unit as needed. You'll notice scale build up first on your hose fittings. When scale
    has built up to such a degree that the flow switch senses a lack of flow, the heater will not come on. A test for scale build-up is to remove the nozzle and see if the heater will operate when it did not with the nozzle on. If it does, then you need to descale the unit. Caution: Remember the heating element is copper.
  4. DO NOT FREEZE THE MACHINE. Freezing can ruin the flow switch, pump, combistat as well as maybe the heater. Drain if you can not protect the machine from cold temperatures. Never allow the pump to be run without the presence of water. This will damage your pump.
  5. Excessive use of the trigger gun can shorten the life of your flow switch, contactors, heater, and pump. DO NOT OVER USE.
  6. Ultra 600E pump seals should be inspected regularly for wear.
  7. Do not tamper with safety features of these models. Tampering voids the warranty.
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Heater does not come on:
  1. Make sure the red line on the temperature gauge is set to a higher temperature than the black line. If the red line is set Tower than the black line the contactor will not engage the heater.
  2. Do you hear a "click" sound when you turn the dial on the temperature gauge(combistat). If you do not, then the contactor is not engaging. Have a Certified Electrician check for power at the combistat. If Q.K. or go to step 3 and If that does not correct the problem, then return to this step.
  3. Make sure the water flow to and through the machine is not restricted. i.e. a clog in the nozzle, a kink in the garden hose, the water is not on all the way at the garden hose, the water pressure in the water supply is too low, or the pump is not pumping enough water through the system. Check the pump water volume per minute and the pump pressure. The flow switch needs to sense a certain flow per minute, if not, then the contactor will not engage the heater.
You do not have any power:

  1. All electrical work should be done by a certified electrician.
  2. Check the fuses from the power cord.
  3. Check the fuses to the motor.
  4. Take an ohm meter reading on the other components.
Heater is not working or blowing fuses:
  1. Have a certified electrician take an Ohm reading.
    The 220 volt heater should have an Ohm reading of: 4.6
    The 440 volt heater should have an Ohm reading of: 19.2
Pump runs backwards:
  1. Change any two wires in the power cord plug. Remember, changing from one outlet to another could cause your pump to run the other direction. Do not assume they are wired the same.
Not enough pressure:
  1. Nozzles are worn.
  2. Pump valves, seals, bearing or plunger may need to be replace.
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Safety Tips

While your THERMA-KLEEN™, All-Electric Steam Cleaner is designed to be an entirely safe cleaning tool, incorporating the latest and the most state-of-the-art safety features, the following safety tips are recommended for the user to implement while using a steam cleaner.
  1. Always use safety goggles, gloves, long sleeve clothing and pants.
  2. DO NOT leave the power cord where someone can trip over it.
  3. DO NOT lay the power cord in water.
  4. DO NOT engage on/off water control at the gun and walk away from machine.
  5. Always stay with the machine will plugged in.
  6. DO NOT leave the machine plugged in when not in use.
  7. DO NOT spray the machine or allow the machine to get wet as shock may occur.
  8. DO NOT disconnect the steam hose or gun from the machine while the water temperatures are still hot.
  9. USE caution when changing nozzles in use. The nozzles and wand bar will be HOT.
  10. DO NOT point or direct the water spray at any person as this could result in burning or harming another person.
  11. USE caution when steam cleaning an object that has been treated with any chemicals, spray back could occur.
  12. USE caution when moving the steam hose. This hose can be HOT to the touch. Always use gloves and wear long pants and long sleeves.
  13. DO NOT spray into electrical outlets and equipment.
  14. DO NOT assume all outlets are wired the same. Changing an outlet could change the motor rotation and damage the pump and motor.
  15. DO NOT run chemicals through the machine that are not safe for copper heating elements, and pumps. Refer to the section in the manual on both.
  16. DO NOT STAND in water when you plug or unplug the machine.
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Limited Warranty

THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc. as manufacturer, warrants to the original purchaser, each new machine for a period of one year from date of shipment from the factory, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. "Normal use and service" means not in excess of recommended maximum pressures, temperatures, incorrect fuels, or handling fluids not compatible with component materials, as noted in THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. manuals. This warranty shall not apply to any machine or component which has been repaired or altered to adversely affect the performance or reliability of this product. The heating element on the THERMA-KLEEN™ models will not be covered if distilled water is not used or scale is present. The boiler has a lifetime warranty.

Neither this warranty nor any implied warranty apply to damage or harm caused by any or all of the following:
  1. Freight damage
  2. Freezing damage
  3. Damage caused by parts and/or accessories or components not obtained from or approved by THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc.
  4. Any consequential or incidental damages arising from the use of a THERMA-KLEEN™
  5. Damage due to misapplication or misuse. Pump valves and bearings on the Ultra models are not warrantied if they are broken.
The liability of THERMA-KLEEN® under the forgoing warranty is limited to repair or replacement of a defective component or part at THERMA-KLEEN®'s option. The defective component will be returned to the original manufacturer for judgment as to whether the component failed under normal operating conditions and therefore replaced or misused. These parts must be returned to the regional office or manufacturing facility within the warranty period, at the sole expense of the purchaser. This warranty is limited to furnishing the parts for replacement exclusive of installation labor. The liability of THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. under any theory of recovery (except any express warranty where the remedy is set forth in the above paragraph) for loss, harm or damage, shall be limited to the lesser of the actual loss, harm, damage, or the purchase price of the involved machine.

THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. expressly warrants its machines as above stated. There are no other express warranties. Any implied warranties, including warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability when this product is put to an industrial, commercial or rental use. Before using any product, customer shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended purpose and the customer assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

No person including any dealer or representative of THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. is authorized to make any representation or warranty concerning THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. products on behalf of THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. or to assume for THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. the obligations contained in this warranty. THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in design and other changes and improvements upon its products without imposing any obligations upon itself to install the same, upon its existing products or products then in process or manufacture.

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