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Table of Contents: You should be familiar with the information in this manual before you operate your equipment. This manual is structured so that it can be used for your reference.

All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the information available at the time of production. THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc. reserves the right to make changes at any time.


Boiler Capacity 1.5 Gallons
Temperature 330°F/170°C
Steam Pressure 100 psi/6.8 bar
Electrical Req. 120vac 15amps 50/60hz
240vac 10amps 50/60hz
Standard Dimensions
Cabinet 16.25"w x 11.25"d x 9"h
Overall 20"w x 16"d x 13"h
41"h with handle
Weight 50 lb.
10 & Deluxe Dimensions
Cabinet 16.25"w x 11.25"d x 9"h
Overall 22.5"w x 18.5"d x 16"h
43.5" with handle
Weight 58 lb.

Operating Instructions

Start Up

  1. Make sure the THERMA-STEEM™ unit power cord is unplugged.
  2. Verify the Main Power and Wand switches on the front of the unit are in the "OFF" position.
  3. Verify both switches on the wand are in the "OFF" position.
  4. Remove the water fill cap located on the top of the unit.
  5. Using the funnel, carefully fill the unit with clean water.
  6. Replace the cap and hand tighten snuggly. Do NOT over tighten.
  7. Plug the unit into a grounded 20amp 120vac (15amp 240vac for 240 volt models) electrical outlet.
  8. Turn the main power switch "ON". The amber and red lights will go on. Make sure the red limit pointer on the temperature gauge is at 330°F. If the red pointer is less than the actual temperature indicated by the black pointer, the heater will not activate or come on.
  9. Wait until the red heater light goes out (Approximately 20 minutes on a cold unit). The temperature gauge should read around 330°F.
  10. Turn the "Wand" switch on the front of the unit to the "ON" position.
  11. The unit is now ready for use.
  12. Use the switches on the wand handle to produce steam at the wand tip. See Wand section.
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Wand Controls

Before the wand is usable, the "Wand" switch on the THERMA-STEEM™ unit must be in the "ON" position. The two switches located on the wand handle give you the ability to have three levels of steam pressure at the wand tip.

Depressing the LEFT switch only will produce low steam pressure.

Depressing the RIGHT switch only will produce medium steam pressure.

Depressing both switches will produce high steam pressure.

Depressing the back of the LEFT switch will momentarily produce a burst of low steam pressure.

Wand Accessories

WARNING: Before attaching or removing any accessory to the wand handle, make sure the "Wand" switch on the THERMA-STEEM™ unit is in the "OFF" position. This will prevent accidentally having hot steam at the wand tip while changing accessories. Never push the accessory retaining button on the wand handle while steam is exiting the tip.
The wand must be used only with the accessories that are made to slide on the end of the handle and snap into the retaining button. These accessories come with your THERMA-STEEM™ and can be re-ordered from THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc. Brushes are made to snap onto the end of the one hole nozzle attachment. If brushes must be attached or removed while the wand nozzle is hot, you must use a pair of heavy duty gloves to prevent being burned. With a nozzle in one hand and one of the brush attachments in the other hand, push and twist the brush onto the nozzle.

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Cleaning Pressures

The following explains how to use the different pressure settings for doing various cleaning jobs.

Best for light cleaning jobs such as waxed or wooden floors.

Best for most cleaning jobs.

Best for heavily soiled areas. It can be used to pre-steam heavily soiled areas, to pre-heat towels and to blow out dirt from hard to reach areas, to name just a few.

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Cleaning Ideas

Always work from the top down. This will keep your clean surface free of loose grease and dirt.
Clean the small tight spaces first with the smaller brushes. Then work your way into the larger areas with the larger brushes. Remember to wipe clean with a cloth as needed to remove loose grease and grime while it is still warm. This will also remove the grease and grime below the surface.

Always pre-steam the surface if it is heavily soiled. With the nozzle, or triangle brush, use the high setting to steam the surface for a few seconds. Hold the attachment close, but not directly on the surface.

Let The Steam Do The Work
Work at a pace that will allow the steam to loosen the grease or grime, but remember not all surfaces are designed to handle steam temperatures.

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Operating Temperatures

The THERMA-STEEM™ unit attains and maintains its operating temperatures using an electric heating element in the boiler to heat the water. A RED "Heater" indicator lamp on the front panel shows when the heating element is ON. While the units "Main Power" switch is on and the proper amount of water is present in the boiler, the heating element will cycleON and OFF, as shown by the RED indicator lamp, to maintain temperature.

Normal Operation
The temperature of the steam in the vessel is generally between 300° to 330° F, with 330° F being the maximum temperature the unit can achieve. This is controlled by the high limit adjustable red line on the temperature gauge. At this temperature, your unit will also achieve it's highest pressure of 100psi. It is very easy to stay in the 300° range if you open and close the gun while cleaning. The closed position will allow the unit to re-heat to the set temperature before the wand is opened again. If you clean with the wand in the open position for a sustained period of time, you will begin to see the temperature and consequent pressure drop to a lower level. This is normal under these conditions.

Lower Temperature Cleaning
There may be times when you want the temperature to be lower then 300° to 330°F. Use the red line on the temperature gauge to adjust the temperature to a lower level. If the unit is at a higher temperature when you make the lower temperature adjustment, you will have to open the wand up for a few minutes to drop the unit to the desired temperature before you begin cleaning. The water temperature in the vessel will never climb above the temperature setting once that temperature is reached. Please note, if you use a lower temperature setting, your unit will also produce less pressure.

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Pressure Cap

The fill cap on your unit also serves as a pressure relief safety cap. This cap is designed to release excess pressure should your unit climb above the normal working pressure. DO NOT OPEN THE CAP WHILE IT IS UNDER PRESSURE. When you wish to remove the cap, RELEASE ALL PRESSURE FROM THE BOILER FIRST BY OPENING THE WAND, depress any pressure switch at the wand control. WAIT UNTIL ALL TRAPPED PRESSURE EXITS THE SYSTEM and then SLOWLY open the cap.

Cap Tightness
When you replace the cap, make sure it is tightened snuggly but be careful NOT TO OVER-TIGHTEN which can cause early seal failure.

Cap Maintenance
Inspect the seal or gasket under your cap regularly for wear and tear. To maintain a good seal between the cap and vessel, replace gasket as needed.

Replacement Caps

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The boiler and heater are both made of Stainless Steel and should provide years of trouble free service. To prevent problems never use anything except fresh clean water in the boiler.

Distilled Water
If you are located in an area with very hard water, we recommend that you use De-mineralized or distilled water. This would eliminate the possibility of creating hard-water stains while you are cleaning and prevent excessive build-up of mineral deposits around the heating element in the boiler. If you are using tap water, please flush the boiler every 50 to 100 hours of use.

Flushing The Boiler
Located under the unit is a brass drain plug that unscrews to drain the boiler. Please use caution that this is done only after the unit has cooled down. Refer to the temperature gauge on the front panel to determine when the unit is cool enough to allow draining the boiler. Note that it may take several hours for the boiler to cool down depending on how much water is in the boiler. Use five parts hot water to one part vinegar to fill the boiler and let soak for at least one hour. Drain and flush again with clean water.

Very Important: Never use any chemicals in the boiler unless instructed to by this manual. Use of any chemicals in the boiler will void the warranty and could damage the vapor unit.

Dry Tank
Very Important: Never allow the main power switch to be "ON" when there is no water in the boiler. This could Damage your heating element.

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Low Water Alarm

After extended use, the water level in the boiler will drop to a level that is not sufficient to generate steam, an audible high pitch alarm will sound and the heater light will go out. The alarm notifies you of the low water condition and also deactivates the heater in the boiler preventing damage to the heater. You can silence the alarm but continue to use the remaining steam pressure for cleaning by turning off only the "Main Power" switch but leaving the "Wand" switch on. If you would like to continue to use the unit to do cleaning see the section on "Refilling Boiler".

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Refilling Boiler

It is a good idea to fill the boiler with fresh water before each use when the unit is cool and no pressure is present. However, the boiler may run low on water during extended periods of use and need refilling while the unit is HOT.

Hot Boiler Refill
  1. See Low Water Alarm section to silence the alarm if it is sounding.
  2. Release all remaining steam pressure from boiler by continuing to clean until no pressure remains.
  3. Turn the Main Power and Wand Switches off.
  4. Unplug the unit.
  5. Place a towel over the top of the refill cap and Slowly loosen it to release the remaining steam in the boiler.
  6. Finish removing the cap after all pressure is released.
  7. Refill the boiler with clean water using a funnel to avoid spilling water around the filler neck. Hot water can be used to reduce the recovery time before cleaning can be continued. Warning: If the boiler is filled to quickly, water may splash up and out of the fill tube.
  8. Replace the cap and tighten snuggly.
  9. Plug the unit into a grounded outlet.
  10. Turn the Main Power switch "ON".
  11. Wait for the Red Heater light to go out.This indicates that the unit is up to temperature and ready for use.
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The only maintenance required on the THERMA-STEEM™ is to flush out any mineral deposits in the boiler after 50 to 100 hours of use. You can also check for deposits and mineral build up by bleeding the system. If water residue from the wand is discolored in a clean white towel then you should flush the boiler (see Boilersection).

As dirt and grime build up on the accessories they will need to be cleaned. This can be done using one of the following ways:
Place dirty accessories in a dishwasher.
Use the THERMA-STEEM™ to clean the accessories with just the one hole nozzle or with a small brush. When doing this, one of the nozzle attachments can be used to hold the accessory to be cleaned. This will assure that the steam is away from your hands or body.
Soak the accessories in hot water with a table spoon of dish soap.

Stainless Steel Body
The housing and handle on your unit are made from stainless steel. We recommend that you preserve the finish by regularly cleaning and polishing the exterior of your unit with a good stainless steel cleaner.

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Electrical Requirements

Your THERMA-STEEM™ unit draws approximately 14amps at 120vac or 7amps at 240vac. Always make sure that your Main Power Switch is in the "OFF" position before plugging the unit in. The unit must be used on a dedicated 20amp 120vac or 15amp 240vac circuit.

Extension Cords
Please use a 3-prong 12 gauge heavy duty extension that is a maximum of 50ft. in length.

Your unit has a fuse accessible from the front panel. To replace a fuse you must use two fingers to first push in on the fuse holder (the outer most piece) and then while pushing in turn the holder counter clock wise about one quarter of a turn. Then release pressure on the holder and it should come straight out. The following fuses can be found at a local hardware store:
  • 20amp ABC 120vac
  • 15amp ABC 240vac
Install a new fuse in the holder and reverse the above procedure to install the fuse in the unit.

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Each of your accessories and attachments are recommended for the following specific cleaning tasks:

One Hole Nozzle
  • Faucets and Fixtures
  • Leather and Vinyl furniture
  • Dishwasher edges
  • Refrigerator and Freezer door molding
2-1/2" Round or Triangle Brush with One Hole Nozzle
  • Counter Tops
  • Bath Tubs
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
5" Triangle Brush
  • Glass Shower Doors
Large Floor Brush

  • Fasten towel to accessory
  • Wooden floors (low steam setting)
  • Waxed floors (low steam setting)
  • Carpets (low steam setting 200°F on nylon carpets)
Large Floor Brush

  • No towel
  • UN-waxed floors

  • Windows (low-med steam setting)
Small Brass Brush

  • Grouting
Small Nylon Brush

  • Fixtures
Small Stainless Steel Brush

  • Ovens
  • Stainless Steel Pans
  • Burned on Carbon
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Safety Tips

While your THERMA-STEEM™ steam cleaner is designed to be an entirely safe cleaning tool, incorporating several safety features, the following safety tips are recommended by THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc. while using your THERMA-STEEM™ unit:
  • Keep hands away from the body of the unit during operation due to surfaces becoming hot.
  • Eye and hand protection is recommended while using the wand for cleaning.
  • Turn off unit when not in use.
  • Do Not grab the steam hose during operation with out hand protection.
  • Do Not grab the wand nozzle during operation with out hand protection.
  • Do Not press wand accessory retaining button on wand handle while "Wand" switch on THERMA-KLEEN™ unit is in the "ON" position.
  • Do Not point or direct the wand at any person.
  • Do Not move the unit by pulling on the wand or steam hose.
  • Do Not allow machine to get wet.
  • Do Not allow cord or plug to lay in water.
  • Do Not run chemicals through system.
  • Do Not operate without water in boiler.
  • Do Not drain boiler while unit is still hot.
  • Do Not use this unit to clean items that maybe harmed by steam temperatures.
  • Do Not leave unit UN-supervised when in use.
  • Do Not remove filler cap with Steam Pressure in Boiler.
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Here are some trouble shooting tips when you are having problems with your unit.

Will Not Power Up
Check the fuse on the front panel of the THERMA-STEEM™ unit. Verify there is power to the outlet the unit is plugged into.

Blows Unit Fuse or Circuit Breaker on Outlet
For 120vac units, make sure the circuit the unit is plugged into is a 20amp circuit. Make sure no other equipment is in use on that same circuit. If you are using the unit with an extension cord. Do not use and extension cord longer then 50 feet. Make sure the extension cord is at least a 12 gauge cord. If the problem persists, then a new heating element maybe needed.

Cannot Get Steam at the Wand TIP
Make sure the "Wand" switch on the THERMA-STEEM™ unit is "ON".

Cannot Stop Steam at Wand Tip
It is normal for steam to continue to exhaust from the wand tip for a short period of time after turning off the steam control. This will occur when using the wand for an extended period of time. If steam does not stop after 30 seconds to a minute then try turning "OFF" the "Wand" control switch on the THERMA-STEEM™ unit. If this fixes the problem, then something is wrong with the wand controls at the wand. If after trying the above tips you are still having a problem, then you may have debris in the solenoids that control the steam output. Please call THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc for assistance.

For all other problems, please contact THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc directly for assistance.

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Limited Warranty

THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc. as manufacturer, warrants to the original purchaser, each new machine for a period of one year from date of shipment from the factory, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. "Normal use and service" means not in excess of recommended maximum pressures, temperatures, incorrect fuels, or handling fluids not compatible with component materials, as noted in THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. manuals. This warranty shall not apply to any machine or component which has been repaired or altered to adversely affect the performance or reliability of this product. The heating element on the THERMA-KLEEN™ models will not be covered if distilled water is not used or scale is present. The boiler has a lifetime warranty.

Neither this warranty nor any implied warranty apply to damage or harm caused by any or all of the following:
  1. Freight damage
  2. Freezing damage
  3. Damage caused by parts and/or accessories or components not obtained from or approved by THERMA-KLEEN™, Inc.
  4. Any consequential or incidental damages arising from the use of a THERMA-KLEEN™
  5. Damage due to misapplication or misuse. Pump valves and bearings on the Ultra models are not warrantied if they are broken.
The liability of THERMA-KLEEN® under the forgoing warranty is limited to repair or replacement of a defective component or part at THERMA-KLEEN®'s option. The defective component will be returned to the original manufacturer for judgment as to whether the component failed under normal operating conditions and therefore replaced or misused. These parts must be returned to the regional office or manufacturing facility within the warranty period, at the sole expense of the purchaser. This warranty is limited to furnishing the parts for replacement exclusive of installation labor. The liability of THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. under any theory of recovery (except any express warranty where the remedy is set forth in the above paragraph) for loss, harm or damage, shall be limited to the lesser of the actual loss, harm, damage, or the purchase price of the involved machine.

THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. expressly warrants its machines as above stated. There are no other express warranties. Any implied warranties, including warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability when this product is put to an industrial, commercial or rental use. Before using any product, customer shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended purpose and the customer assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

No person including any dealer or representative of THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. is authorized to make any representation or warranty concerning THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. products on behalf of THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. or to assume for THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. the obligations contained in this warranty. THERMA-KLEEN®, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in design and other changes and improvements upon its products without imposing any obligations upon itself to install the same, upon its existing products or products then in process or manufacture.

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