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Therma-Kleen Machine Repair Instructions

Authorized Service Repairs
  1. Please clean the body of your machine. This makes it easier for our staff to perform their duties.
  2. Sign this form which states that this machine has not come in contact with any harmful chemicals or substances that could potentially cause harm to our staff.
  3. Package the machine so it is protected for shipping purposes. Please ship with the original box and packaging, if possible. Propane and All-electric 3-phase units must be shipped on a pallet and covered. Do not ship any propane tanks with your repair. Winter shipping must include draining or winterizing the machine, so it will not freeze and cause more damage. If you do not know how to do this, call our office before shipping.
  4. Insure the machine for its value to you, if it were lost or damaged.
  5. Pre-pay the freight to our facility.
  6. State why the machine is coming back for repairs.
  7. List a contact person and phone number, so we can call and review any repairs before they are performed. An estimate will be provided. If you do not wish to have the repairs done, we will ship the machine, as is, back to you freight collect.
  8. If the machine that is being repaired can not be shipped by UPS or FedEx small package division, and you don't have a freight company you deal with, contact our office and we will see if we can arrange shipping through our carrier.
Ship to:

2415 E. Huron Road
P.O. Box 805
Au Gres, MI 48703
Attn: Service Dept.

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Please call our office if you would like to have a local service company inspect or repair you machine.