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High Pressure Steam Cleaners

Manufacturing since 1985 for the steam cleaning industry worldwide. Our product line can offer you a complete range of high-pressure steam cleaners... from dry vapor to wet steam. We provide the total solution to sanitize, clean and degrease so as to achieve the highest standard of bacterial-free cleanliness.

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About Therma-Kleen

After being in the Industry for several years the founders of Therma-Kleen saw a need to create a unique, quality-made line of portable, high pressure steam cleaning systems. Due to their understanding of the increased demand for clean burning, steam cleaners, they decided to lay plans to begin manufacturing its own line of Therma-Kleen propane-fired, high pressure, steam cleaning systems in Bolingbrook, Il.

Because of ensuing rapid sales growth, Therma-Kleen then made the decision to move its headquarters to Lemont, Il. in 1987. Then because of tremendous consumer demand for another environmentally friendly, all-electric machine, that being the Ultra 250E/600E(220v/440v 3 phase 50/60 hz.) portable, high pressure, steam cleaners, the company was compelled to move to a larger facility in Naperville, Il. in 1992 and remained there until June of 2005 when it decided to move to its present facility in Plainfield, Il. This latest Chicagoland re-location was prompted by the need for even more space to accommodate its great customer demand for its latest and most innovative systems produced yet, that is, for its own line of US-Made, portable, dry, Vapor/Steam Cleaning Systems designed to sanitize and clean areas with very little water. Today, this is the Therma-Steem T.S. 1.5 model.

Much of Therma-Kleen’s sales growth can be attributed to their product innovations, meeting the demands of the marketplace for chemical-free cleaning and the establishment of a broad based sales and marketing distribution network. Therma-Kleen now manufactures its own line of Natural Gas-Fired steam cleaners as well as its own unique line of Models Ultra 250-Propane Fired and Ultra 250E, all-electric steam cleaners in a variety of different pressures (100-250 psi) and water flow rates (.5-2.0 gallons per minute.)

Its distributor network and over all presence is known World-Wide where almost now anyone has the opportunity to either meet with a trained salesperson and/or actually view on its informative website, the overwhelming benefits of cleaning, de-greasing and sanitizing with steam under pressure with a Therma-Kleen Commercial System.

In this century, Therma-Kleen has been and has continued to be poised to meet the discerning demands and needs of its existing customers as well as future customers. Their intent is to only produce the finest and most innovative equipment in the industry of its peers today. This has always been the philosophy of its founders for more than 20 years and they shall only continue to promote it as Therma-Kleen, Inc. looks forward to meeting the ever changing demands of the Commercial and Residential Industries.

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10212-A South Mandel Street
Plainfield, Illinois 60585

Phone: 630-718-0212
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Toll Free: 800-999-3120


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